Semi Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Introducing for the first time from India. High precision intermittent (Semi Rotary) Die Cutting Machine for digital and Narrow-Web label industry.This is a robust machine with full servo drive for re-pass, re- registor, die cutting. It can also be run in Full Rotary mode with re-register for off-line die cutting of short run jobs

The Main Features are : 

  • Common Magnetic Cylinder, so no repeat tooling cost.
  • Step-less pulls from 1" to 15" hence negligible cost of Flexible dies.
  • High resolution, eye mark sensor for precision registration.
  • Pneumatic unwind and rewind tension control.
  • High resolution 7" touch screen HMI for easy operation control.
  • Electronics web guide with ultrasonic edge sensor.
  • Speed up to 35meter/minutes depending upon the nature of the job.
  • Compact machine with small footprints approx 2150(L) by 900(D) b 1450(H).